Love and Basketball

Have you ever watched the motion of a basketball game? The art,the intensity , the heart beating pace?

Do you think you can love me like that?

With an intensity unmatched making me sweat, aching for a win…

Do you want to bag that win? Me?

As soon as that whistle goes? Do you want to be part of my team, a team that works together with no boundaries and wins together?

Where you get to pass me your heart, and I shoot my shot like Curry, and we win, together?

Can you defend the rim (my heart) like Whiteside, play intensely for me like Westbrook, cross them over like Harden, make them dance like Kyrie, attack our opponents like Davis and slum dunk on them like Giannis?

I want to have an MVP season with you but I promise, not to play you but to hold you like that MVP trophy placed on my trophy stand where I get to behold your beauty every day, for the rest of my life.

I want to have an All Star career with you where I get to be a championship contender every season

Won’t you allow me to apply my knowledge like LeBron’s IQ to this little thing of ours?

I have a question for you…

Have you ever touched that synthetic fibre of a basketball with all it’s linings and carefully crafted configurations, have you smelt the infectious scent of that leather?

Have you watched the way Kahwi holds that ball in the palms of his hands like his entire world is built around it, like his life depends on it?

Do you think you can hold me like that?

With such grace the way Lillard hits the game winner with such ease and regal grace and signals “dame time”? Can you hold me like that and call it “our” time?

Would you give up if it was a tie and you had ten seconds left on the clock to shoot and win? Win my heart, secure our love?

Would you cry for me the way LeBron cried after winning the 2016 NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors bringing the first championship to Cleveland?

Would you be loyal like Kobe was for the Lakers playing for them his whole career?

Could you love me like that? Because if not

Then I’m not having any of it, you’ll miss me like that Kyle Lowry shot in game 5 of the 2019 NBA finals against Golden State!


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